The Holiness of Ticks

I read recently even mosquitos have a purpose. They are food for the birds.

I have been contemplating the need for ticks another annoying and disgusting insect. Unfortunately, we are suffering from a tick infestation this summer.

I have been wondering why God made ticks. I suppose they serve some purpose in this world, if even to feed some other welcomed creatures such as birds.

As I was meditating today on the teachings of St. Ignatius, it was focuses on paying attention to how the spirits guide us to doing good. (According to St. Ignatius all actions are either leading us to God or away from God.) I thought about the ticks my dog is hosting. They live on the dog, feed off his blood, and when you try to remove them they hang on with all their might.

Do I have such dependence on God? I’ve been following the meditations online at for six weeks now and I have participated in other Ignatian activities on my own and in groups in the past but I feel like I think I’m doing it myself. Of course there are times I ask God for help and I receive it and other times where I know there has been divine intervention because something has occurred beyond what I or those close to me are capable of doing.

But I have not been recognizing God guiding me in a direction. Nor would I know if I have been paying attention or not. Seems like a good thing to be alert for throughout the day, to be dependent on God, and cling to him like a pesky tick.

Have you noticed the hand of God guiding your actions and thoughts?


Technology is Great

I just got an iPad mini. It’s so light and compact I feel like I can take it anywhere and read or write with it. I am very excited and the prospect of being more creative.

I spent a lot of time looking for writing apps. I don’t want anything fancy and complicated. The best one I found was easy writer lite, but I haven’t been completely won over by it yet. Do you have a notebook like app that you can share?