Building Skyscrapers

My co-worker said this and it stuck with me all day.

“You can’t build a skyscraper from the top.”


Be Like Glinda

Be Like Glinda

This post is about the character of Glinda from the Movie Oz. Though I try not to be too detailed about what happens in the movie be aware that there may be some spoilers in this post.


I watched Oz tonight and I was inspired by the Good Witch Glinda.

She always remained positive and trusted that things would work out. She basically acted on the premise that all things would eventually turn into something good, as bad as they may seem at the time.

She tried to be loving toward everyone, even the grumpiest of characters who doubted the wizard’s intentions.

When asked which of the pair of unimpressive bouquets was the most beautiful, she said they were both beautiful and she couldn’t possibly decide.

And when things looked the most bleak for her, she proclaimed that the sentiment of what she was fighting for would still live on.

I admired how she seemed to always quickly assess each situation and keep moving forward to protect her people and her homeland.

Sometimes it’s not easy to have faith that things will work out, but perhaps with a little reflection we can tap into that inner strength like Glinda.