A Fresh Start

It has been a long time, there have been many changes. I bought a new car! A brand new Honda CRV. I never imagined buying a brand new car, but for all the good things I hear about Honda’s I expect to have this one for awhile. I wasn’t looking for a SUV. I started out looking at cars, but there weren’t any cars I really liked or enjoyed driving. So I made a deal with myself that if I went back to school, I could get a slightly more expensive vehicle.

So that brings us to the next big change. I am now in a PhD program studying Leadership and Education. I work at a university so I have been taking classes off and on for years since I earned my masters ten years ago. I made it halfway through an IT degree even but that never felt like me.
THIS feels like me, and I love it.

I met a another guy from Match.com at Christmastime. He was pretty good on paper: close in age to me and had a good job. And I definitely found him attractive (guys can be good looking, but you still don’t feel quite drawn into his looks, it wasn’t like that with him.) We met and he was very nice, a good person, but he had a very on the go lifestyle and I really had no desire to hitch my life up to his.

My friend joined Match.com and the second guy she went out with turned out to be a keeper (at least so far), they’ve been dating for two months. So there is hope out there for you. As for me, my membership doesn’t expire until April so there is still hope, but I don’t have any interest in spending time one it anymore.

My smoothie making is going well. I upgraded to a nutribullet which is much better for me, the magic bullet was too small to hold all the fruits I wanted to include. I have been having a smoothie for breakfast before work. And just yesterday I relieved the DessertBullet. You put frozen fruits into it and it comes out the consistency of ice cream!

I decided I am not going to continue this blog. It was suppose to be a creative place for me to express myself and I was able to do that to some extent, but now I want to focus on exploring ideas to do my dissertation for my PhD so I would like to start from scratch. I would like to thank my followers for wanting to be a part of what I have shared and boosting my confidence by finding it worthwhile. I wish you all well!