For years I’ve been trying to create the perfect writing space. One December, inspired by the promise of a new year I set up an office. I bought a desk, a nice chair, and a file cabinet. It didn’t get me to sit down and write though.

On Friday nights I used to meet with a writing group at the bookstore. In the beginning we didn’t know each other well and did write a lot, but as we got to know each other we started talking more and writing less. That’s not such a bad thing, it was nice that our friendships deepened and we opened up to each other. (Sadly, both of the bookstores near my house have closed down, but that is a topic for another post.)

And of course I am perfectly content setting up camp at Starbucks. But with work, my other passionate hobby-dancing, and the guilt I feel for abandoning my dog when I go out, there isn’t much time for that anymore.

Which brings us to Cafe Terrace at Night. This is my virtual studio. It’s named after my favorite painting by Vincent van Gogh. It’s a painting of empty tables outside a cafe. It is the perfect place to write because all you really need to write is a writing utensil, something to drink, and to just make time to just sit down and do it.

My plan is to spend twelve minutes a day writing, even if it’s just random reflections about my day typed into my iPhone. I love writing and storytelling. I often ponder that an author can spend years writing a novel and never know if anyone has actually read it, but you can see if someone has been to your blog. The other great thing about blogging is it allows you to become part of a community which keeps you motivated and inspires creativity.

I have discovered from dancing, that when you do what you love things have a way of coming together to take you to the next level. So I will be posting my writing here to have my work out in the world instead of buried in my hard drive. I ask that you please don’t steal my stories and I hope you enjoy Cafe Terrace at Night.


One thought on “About

  1. Jessica says:

    Twelve minutes a day sounds like a good plan. Blogging takes a lot of time, but devoting that twelve minutes to just writing sounds perfect. I need to get on a better regular schedule—for everything in my life, but especially for writing. Go you!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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