The Wisdom of the Tribe

I’ve been asking various friends what to do because I met a guy last week who I think is great, but I don’t feel any chemistry. I’m secretly hoping someone will say something that will make everything click and I can like him.

As I say all this I don’t really believe it can change, but I would love to be wrong about this. I met with two old school friends that I’ve known for about twelve years. These two fabulous ladies gave wonderful advice that may be helpful to someone so I’d like to share, not all if it directly applies to my situation, for some of it they were just saying what worked for them.

–Think about what you want and project that to the universe.
My friend said she made a list of what she wanted her guy to be like and thought about it regularly. She ended up meeting someone that fit those qualities.

–Participate in activities to meet people.
The ones the ones suggested in particular: join a mass bike ride, hang out at stores (grocery, target, Home Depot) in different areas where there are young guys. (Some areas were recommended.) The one that I might do is go to the bookstore and try to mingle there.

–Become a Yelp Reviewer
This one I liked too. I don’t really know all the details but apparently you can join Yelp and be someone who goes to restaurants and write reviews in groups. We decided this is good on many levels. You meet someone and have something to talk about and it can be intimated they can read, write, afford a meal, and they have a car. (We had a good laugh over this one).

I will admit I was very difficult and had rebuttals for most of the things they said. I’m very content on my own, but I feel like it wouldn’t hurt for me to be more open to meeting someone. There are certain suggestions I’m willing to accept as things I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and certain things that I’m not willing to do, not cause there is anything wrong with it, but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

The truth is if I met someone I really was attracted too I wouldn’t philosophize about whether I wanted to be with this person or not. So after I left them, I tried not to dwell on my doubts, instead I decided to separate myself from my feelings and think of this as a social experiment. And just to put out good vibes to the universe.

My friend also said not to be hard on myself. Probably the best advice of all.

If you like info about dating you have to check out this great blog:


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