Today I was talking to a friend about the guy she is seeing. He has been the most stable and loyal partner she as ever had. There is an attraction but there isn’t an incredible amount of passion. She senses this is okay with him. 

I sense this is Mr. Right now for her. They have fun, go out regularly and have a nice time together. Some times trivial things he does annoys her and vice versa. Is this good enough?

I would like passion. I have various friends that  can provide companionship, if I am going to date someone, I want passion. 

In past years I have forced myself to remain with guys who looked good on paper, but it only lasted a month or two before it ended. I never was sorry to see them go.

Sure every so often I think it might be nice to have a special companion who will blend their life fully with mine, that’s why I joined a few months ago, but now their daily emails are piling up in my inbox.

So for the time being, I will be on the lookout.


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