What Goes Into Your Backpack?

I’m reading the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s about a woman in her twenties who goes backpacking across the Pacific Crest Trail. She starts by sharing what led her to do this and how she prepared for the 1000+ mile solo trek.

In the part of the book I just reached, she just explained all of the supplies she bought and packed into her backpack and what a daunting task it is to pick it up for the first time. She was advised to practice before she hit the trial but she did not.

It made me ponder what it would be like to have to plan and carry around all the supplies I just needed for one day and how difficult that would be. 

 I went on a work conference once and managed to pack everything I needed for three days in a regular school backpack. (Everything except food.) I wanted to try this because my cousin did it when she came to visit me. We both use so many health and beauty products that I was I impressed with her and wanted to take on the challenge. I did it. It worked out well, but I don’t intend to do that again.

But I also didn’t walk around with the backpack on all day. It made me think about what it would be like to have to do this. Soldiers do this. Desert people do this. Right?

When did we start acquiring so much stuff? 

What would we really take with us?

I’m going to select five things.  Just to keep it simple, these are beyond the super basics. They’re off the top of my head so if I were really going on such  journey I’d have to put more thought into it.

1. My dog, because life is not complete without a dog.
2. I really want to say body pillow because it is almost impossible for me to sleep without one. On the other had that would be hard to carry around.
3. A journal/pens
4. My poncho liner which is my travel blanket.
5. Chocolate- at first I was kidding, but now it seems like a good idea. 

Have you backpacked? What would you take?


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