Podcasts- Who Knew?

I listen to podcasts now. Why?

My interest piqued when I went on the hot air balloon overnight trip with my friend last month. As we were getting ready at 6 AM she asked my permission to listen to one of her favorite podcasts. That day’s topic had to do with frogs.

Although I knew she liked podcasts, and was always overflowing with random bits of information, I had never experienced one of the sources of her superpowers.

Another friend showed me a video podcast of an interview with Jodi Picoult, author of the novel My Sister’s Keeper. Picoult shared her writing process and how she researches her books. What really intrigued me was the new knowledge of my friend’s interests in podcasts on authors. You think you know your friends and then a new facet is revealed to you.

What led to MY starting to listen to podcasts is the new app on the iPhone and my search to find something to pass the time as I spend 40 minutes to blow dry my hair straight every week. The app has a plethora of topics and it lists the top podcasts in each topic. It is way better than searching for podcasts in the iTunes app.

My favorite podcast is Good Life Project . The host, Jonathan Fields, interviews artists and entrepreneurs every week to share how they found their paths. I am searching for how to use my creativity to enrich my life so I like hearing how others achieve this.

I also like TED-Ideas Worth Spreading for their science lectures.

You can also find short podcasts that range from 1-10 minutes if you don’t want to spend 30-40 minutes listening to the podcasts I mentioned.

We live in an amazing time where information surrouds us. Knowledge isn’t stored in schools or libraries anymore. Knowledge is everywhere and waiting to be beamed to us freely!


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