More Smoothies

You know how you have good intentions of making improvements in your life? At first it seems so awesome you couldn’t imagine possibly going back to your old way of doing things and then a few days or few weeks later you catch yourself back in your pattern.

Yeah, so that’s what happened to me with the smoothies but I’m starting them up again. I have a Magic Bullet blender. Sometimes I wish I had something bigger so I could pack more fruit in it, and sometimes I think it’s a good size for me to drink so I really shouldn’t have a bigger cup. I really like mixing the smoothie in the container I will be drinking from and that keeps me from switching to something else.

I like using halves of fruits: half an apple, half a pear, half a kiwi, etc. because I can add a greater variety of fruits. I like including frozen berries because makes the smoothie purple as opposed to a freakish green color.

Adding raw spinach to the smoothie makes it more filling and doesn’t change the taste much.

So here I go again. Hopefully I will be able to make this a habit now. Sometimes I relapse a few times and then the new habit magically sticks one day, ☺


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