A Day at the Dog Beach

Today I took my dog to the dog beach. I was very happy to find out from a coworker that there is a dog beach close to my house. Simon has been to other beaches a few times and I guess he remembered cause when he saw me grab his towel and shampoo he started bouncing all over the place. (A bath at home would result in the opposite reaction so he knew something.)

The beach was perfect. The water was a clear blue. There wasn’t a lot of seaweed. And even though we got there late, it wasn’t overly crowded. There were a lot of dogs there too. I kept Simon on the leash. I want to take him a few times and make sure he is a good citizen before I let him run around with the dogs.

His favorite thing was to dig the sand. Sometimes he laid on his side and dug. I’m not sure if he likes the water. The waves made him uncomfortable and he kept as close to land as possible with an, “Are you kidding me look?” He also liked to sit in the wet sand and dig.

I am very excited to take him back again. My intention is to go to the beach every week this summer and now I can share that with my dog. I hope one day it won’t be so wavy and he will give the water more of a chance. Sometimes we are turned off by things that seem difficult but if we stick with it for awhile and develop our skills we might really enjoy it.


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