South Beach

I had a great day today!

It started out with my database class. It may not sound cool to have a class on a Saturday morning, but it forces me out in the world and then I usually do something interesting after class.

Today, I went to South Beach. I had lunch at my favorite pizza place, Pizza Rustica (I posted a picture on Facebook to make my cousins who live far away jealous 🙂 ). I browsed through some stores and found birthday presents for two of my friends. And then I visited the beach.

Although this is South Florida and it’s generally warm most of the year- especially compared to a lot of other places, it is now hot enough for me to want to go to the beach. I didn’t take my stuff to go swimming today, but I did enjoy a nice stroll on the shore.

If you’ve never been there, you might be surprised to find it different than you’ve heard. Yes, there are night clubs and celebrities, but regular people with regular lives also live and work there. There are a lot of restaurants, stores, and of course the beach. It is an adventure to just wander around and discover new things.

People are always out and about walking, riding, running, walking their dogs- its very active. I can’t imagine living somewhere where there is no beach. There’s something cathartic about walking barefooted in the sand, breathing in the salty air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your body and having the water wash over you.

It was one of those days that was good for the soul. I have to go back soon.


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