Funny Words

Tonight I went to a comedy show in the private area called the “Backroom” of a restaurant/bar. This gathering occurs once a month. I couldn’t help but feel this experience as being similar to attending book readings by authors at the independent bookstore since we were a captive audience waiting to be whisked away by someone’s words.  

I want to say we saw six comedians but it might have even been more. I was invited by my dance instructor who is now my good friend. Her chiropractor was one of the comediennes. I share these details because it’s interesting how connections lead you to unexpected places. 

You could see the experience level of the comedians progress with each performer. The last two guys were able to make anything funny. One of them did a bit with a woman in the audience from Oxford, England that went on for ten minutes. He was very a good at doing accents and his just talking in the various accents amused me. At the end he said he had to get back to the material he wrote. 

Imagine writing material. I can be funny in the moment, but they have to pay attention to life, recall it, and try to make it both meaningful and funny is a whole other level, but I imagine you can develop this skill if you work at it.

That is the other thing I appreciated about tonight. Now that I have a hobby that has its own social network, I see hobbies and artistic endeavors differently. I was never good at joining clubs in high school and college. I’d go for a few weeks and not feel connected and then disappear. But much like dancing, I could see how there is a circuit and how people develop and advance. And how people gather and support each other.


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