Magic Birthday Cake

It’s birthday season! My three friends and I all have birthdays that are two weeks  (or less) apart so it feels like one continuous party until June.

The pre-celebration began with Taco night at D’s house on the eve of K’s birthday. (We are also Men in Black agents). D usually has “Taco Tuesdays” which is an open invitation for her family and friends to come over. D likes to cook and bake so all the times I’ve been there there have been really nice desserts. She made a banana cake last night with a peace sign on it because that’s what K likes.

So all of the birthday girls and D got together. (Unfortunately D’s birthday is in December, but we are still friends with her.) It was actually our first Taco  night all together. It was special being together- joking around and talking. We’ve only been a friends for a year, so we’re still getting to know each other. Up until a few years ago I mostly spent time with my high school friends or people from work so it’s a big deal to me to have found a brand new group of friends. Since we all like to dance, we usually see each other a few times a week. 

And tonight D, K, and I went dancing so it was a good night. There was leftover dessert from a party prior to the club opening and a waiter brought out shots of cake- pieces of cake in tiny cups! I called it K’s magic birthday cake because it just appeared out of thin air. I can’t wait to see what other birthday surprises come our way!

Have you had any birthday surprises? What do you like to do for your birthday?


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