One Step at a Time

I get overwhelmed easily. I’ll have an idea and then I’ll plan things out ahead and get to a certain point and decide it’s just too much and I’ll just let it go. 

I have had various hobbies that I have been good at and hoped to make money from such as photographing events or selling paintings (the painting idea is more of a fantasy). I have an idea now that I have actually been working toward for a few years. I’ve been waiting to feel less green before I officially begin this one. 

I love to dance. I’m not going to be teaching at the Joffrey, but I have gotten good enough to assist my dance instructor at parties and lead some parties at my job. I had an idea to make some business cards and give the out to the new dancers. I was actually approached by a lady a few months ago who gave me HER business card because she wanted me to give her private lessons. I was lazy and did not follow up. I tried to I imagine when I would make time for her and I didn’t want to give up my free time.

But this weekend I thought if I got ten people a week and charged  $10 I could make $400 extra a month, which is the magic number for me to achieve a particular goal. Then I thought, where would I do this? Can I charge people to do this at a park? Which park would be best? What time? Suppose they get lazy and don’t bother to come? Do I have to claim this on my taxes? Will I be taking business away from my instructor friend?

Dancing has been the one area of my life where I go with the flow instead of planning and having an outcome in  mind. It has been an amazing adventure of meeting new people and other adventures. So when I was tempted to give up on the idea, I thought about it again and decided I should make business cards and see what transpires. Step one. 


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