What’s in a Profile

So I set up my initial profile on Match.com. This was quickly typed into my iPhone when I created my account. I need to personalize it. I haven’t actually sat down and attempted this yet. I have pondered what words I could use to describe myself accurately while being appealing to what guys are looking for- because lets face it, we are selling ourselves with our profiles.

One seemingly nice guy has been emailing me. He lives slightly further away than I would like, but I was happy to have what seems like a decent guy interested in me. 

Yes, I WAS so happy about him. I emailed him back and forth for two days. Now it’s Sunday, I haven’t replied to his email from Thursday. I’m trying to remind myself to be open.

I can be open when I want. The problem is I’m perfectly content being closed 80% of the time. I’m trying to break myself out of this mindset. 

I told a friend who works at my local hangout I joined Match.com. She thought it was a good idea. She also said I should approach guys there and strike up a conversation. She thinks some guys are too shy to do this. Although I know this could be true, I’m old school. I think if a guy is interested he will approach you.

I should also confess that on Thursday I tried to see if Match.com could be cancelled within 3 days, like a car can be returned (wink, wink). If it can be done, I still don’t know. But I’ve convinced myself to think of being contacted as being bumped into virtually. It’s just like the time I was in the bookstore and a guy approached me to talk and then asked me out for lunch the next day. Just like that. (No, I’m not being sarcastic!)

If any of you have tips for me, please share!!


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