From Photography to Smoothies

I think I needed a break to replenish myself after the somewhat daily Lenten posts. I have thought of numerous things to blog about in the past few weeks. Here is a cross section of what has been going on in my brain.

1. Last night I took pictures with a digital camera for the first time in years. With the ease of the iPhone, I stopped carrying my camera. I used to love taking pictures. So it felt both alien and familiar (and good) to do this again.

2. I saw a teenager who must have texted 100 words per minute on her iPhone. I was in awe of the letters flying onto the screen and the magical powers her two thumbs possessed.

3. I joined even though I hate online dating. I was talking to a friend and I asked why people have to date online. Why can’t they just meet people. She offered a few theories. People don’t live in small towns, or attend church events like they used to. People are very busy. And people are selfish now. I see some truth to all except the last statement. I drive a few miles to work. My friends live more than ten miles away, things to do are scattered all over. No wonder it’s so hard. I still deep down believe its possible to meet someone by chance. But her points made me think I need to accept I will increase my chances by being open minded about online dating.

4. I have begun listening to Deepak Chopra meditations that I purchased on iTunes or can listen to with my Rhapsody subscription. I mainly like them for the breathing exercises and the positive self talk. I wonder how many people actually breath correctly. It also helps me to focus more on the positive and less on the negative. I feel like my brain is being reprogrammed. It is especially helpful in getting me to be more open-minded and forgiving at work. I have been frustrated and not myself for awhile. This is helping me mend. 
There will probably be more about meditation in the future. 

5. I have been rather bored with breakfast. I’ve been mostly eating cereal or oatmeal most weekdays. I decided to start making fruit smoothies. Today I experimented and made one with a plum, some frozen mixed berries, grapes, milk, ice, and ovaltine. It was my favorite one so far. You can find tons of simple recipes online. 

So this has been what’s up with me. I hope you are doing well and would love to hear what’s been going on with you.


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