Time Limits

I have a hard time starting projects because I get overwhelmed by the enormity of completing just about anything.

This blog began as a result of me wanting to take twelve minutes a day to write. I’ve gotten to the point where I can start, but now I get overwhelmed because I can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to edit and make the post pleasing to me. So now I think I have to impose an editing time limit.

Tonight, I was reluctant to do homework. So I set the timer for an hour and told myself tomorrow there will be another hour and just get as far as I can today. (I am happy to report it was a productive hour with no technical difficulties–a rare treat.)

Exercise is another area that can be hard to start. I bought a Wii Fit Plus in December and this has been great tool. You can see how you benefit from dedicating a small amount of time to exercise because it grades you and you can see how you improve. (The Wii Fit Plus is great for many other reasons too, I will have to discuss that as its own topic one day.)

For my Lenten sacrifice of keeping my area clean. I didn’t set a time limit for this, but I gave myself a small area to start with. I generally started with organizing the top of my dresser. It ended up cluttered with beauty aids and mail. Once I tackled that tidying the rest of my room became easier.

This seems to be a good system for me. I will need to expand it to other areas at least until I become more disciplined.

What tips do you have for accomplishing your goals?


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