Confession– Part One

I went to confession on Saturday. I usually go once a month because by that time there is something I need to confess. For years I have been using an examination of conscience that pretty much broke down the commandments into a dry set of rules that gave the impression God is up there keeping a tally of our sins to see if we don’t surpass the limit to be excluded from heaven.

I found this examination of conscience that spoke to me. It gets you to focus on loving yourself, others, and God which us really want God wants us to do to help each other.

God is a loving Father. If you have kids, you’re not keeping track of how many wrong things they do to keep them from enjoying their lives. In fact it’s the opposite, you want to encourage them. If they do something wrong you hope they learn something to improve next time.

Confession is our chance to wipe the slate clean. And we don’t go to confession to help God, we go for ourselves and God grants us graces to help us improve although we don’t accept this gift enough.


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