Pepcid For Your Dog

My eight year old dog got sick on Monday. I share this with you in case it is helpful one day. It began on Sunday night, he looked a little depressed and not like himself.

By Monday morning he was lethargic, not moving around and not caring much about anything. I looked for information online but he didn’t have any of the other symptoms they described such as not eating, bathroom issues, vomitting, etc. Occasionally he bowed and stretched, which is an indicator of abdominal issues, but he does this regularly, so it wasn’t a clue. Other than being lethargic, the only questionable behavior was him licking the air (imagine how your dog acts when eating peanut butter) and I suspected he didn’t sleep much Sunday night. 

He perked up Monday afternoon causing me to cancel the vet appointment I made. I was pleased that I just gave him time to recover and he was improving. But during the night he became somewhat lethargic again. Not as bad as before but enough that I hated myself for not taking him to the vet that day. 

Here he was suffering. When your dog is not being himself it is very scary, and since he’s getting older now, you start to worry about how long you will have him with you. My mom wanted to give him an aspirin. If you look online or ask your friends what to do there will be differing opinions about aspirin. Someone else suggested pumpkin in case he swallowed a bone, this could help him eliminate it. I resisted doing anything except rubbing his tummy. This seemed to relax him and he eventually fell asleep. 

I took him to the vet on Tuesday morning. the vet examined his abdomen and didn’t feel anything abnormal. The basic blood test didn’t reveal anything serious. She said maybe he ate something that made him sick. He was given a shot to stop his nausea for 24 hours and I was told to go to the drug store and to get Pepsid tablets and give him a 20 mg tablet twice a day for 5 days.

He’s not quite his normal self yet but he’s moving around and wagging his tail when spoken to and looking content.


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