I spent the past week trying to download Windows Server and SQL server for my database class. My inexperience with servers coupled with the fact that I was trying to do all this on a Mac that I am still getting familiar with made this a difficult task. 

Fortunately, I have a very good, patient friend who is quite knowledgable in the IT field and finds this stuff challenging in a good way. After spending hours Friday night and a more few hours today, we finally got the software loaded.

The following information is for a select audience who may stumble across this out of desperation.

We had to figure out which versions of the software to download, figure out if we could do it on the Mac or not, and figure out how to install it on a virtual machine.

Parallels software can be used  to create virtual machines to load a Windows operating system (like Windows 8) on your Mac. You can also create other virtual machines to run other operating systems. We created another virtual machine to run the Windows Server and load an SQL Server on it.

Then there were other issues that my friend, as she says, took the crumbs of information that I received in class and tied in with things she learned at work and then figured out what to do through trial and error. Thanks to her my software is loaded and I could see her genius at work to have a bit more understanding. In time as I become more familiar with terminology and different programs, I hope I will be able to build something with the crumbs. 

I did master patience for software downloading. I walked away from the computer whenever we were downloading or waiting for files to transfer. I think patience is lesson one.


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