Sleep or Blog–Patience and IT–Googling

I have to admit, it’s getting hard to blog every day now. Not for a lack of things to talk about, but just because I’d rather do other things. Well, one thing really– sleep. Maybe it’s just harder today because of the time change. I put that out there, because losing an hour of sleep is tough especially when you don’t go to bed early enough in general. I actually love when we Spring Forward because I like when it doesn’t get dark early. It feels like there is more day to enjoy after work.

I am currently waiting for software to download. Yesterday it was Windows 7 which took 6 hours. Today it’s Microsoft Windows Server. It’s been close to three hours already and it’s not quite halfway downloaded. When I took the first IT course that required downloading a big program, I had no idea how long it would take and I thought something was wrong (things were actually wrong, but it still takes hours.) You cannot watch software download- it is the pot that doesn’t boil, you might as well go outside and watch a tree grow. And then you move away from the computer and check back two minutes later and it increases 2%! Tha doesn’t seem like much but it’s progress. That’s technology folks. A PhD level course in patience. 

I am also impatient to look things up when I want to know something. Of course the answer to just about anything can be found on the Internet (Thank you, Al Gore.) Since I’m new to IT, I get intimidated by the jargon directions. Fortunately I have a good friend to help me. It wasn’t even so much what she did but the calm way she took things step by step to solve the figure out why the software wasn’t downloading (or later on helping me with my program code). Her example is the greatest help.

I still have to get used to looking things up. I have two friends I can just ask a question and if they don’t know the answer it will burn them. One is called Google Girl and though the other doesn’t have an official nickname…refuses to get a smartphone because if she had the power of the Internet in the palm of her hand she might never accomplish anything ever again.

I am in the midst of a paradigm shift. To become a googler. I used to hate when people use google as a verb, but even I have to accept it’s significance. Meanwhile, my software downloads and my eyelids grow heavy.


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