I would like to take today to appreciate WordPress. I love how it gives the Freshly Pressed blogs daily. It gives us a chance to hear about a variety of topics. It’s like show and tell in elementary school.

I also like how WordPress arranges blogs by categories. It reminds me of Geocities which was a free site for building websites in the nineties. I made my first website on Geocities in 1996, learning HTML from scratch using code I learned in a magazine that I still have on my bookshelf. Geocities had neighborhoods set up by topics and each website had a house number. I regularly visited me neighbors and ventured into other neighborhoods. 

And then WordPress goes a step further by allowing people to like your blog which sends the author a notification. Getting likes is like someone out there visiting your blog and saying I enjoyed my visit. 

Before I discovered WordPress I thought of blogging as people just giving their opinions about things. But since I joined WordPress I see it’s really the new millennium’s version of a webpage. Yes, they give opinions, but it also has well researched posts, photography, and educational posts just to name a few.

WordPress and other sites give people the power to share their words, their experiences, and come together. 


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