Lent–Week 3 Recap

I was on vacation this week so I didn’t do any cleaning. I was in the midst of many family members, and we watched movies at night, which is when I tend to write my blog post. (I highly recommend October Baby and Kung Fu Panda.)

It bothered me not to be able to blog. I was afraid I would lose the good habit I have been developing. I don’t even set the 12 minute timer anymore, I just sit down and write. Fortunately, as soon as I returned home, I resumed writing. 

Something I did not think about before when considering what to clean was cleaning old ideas from my head. I was inspired by this blog posting  The Personal Myth. While on vacation I pondered marriage and children, observing  the examples around me. I kept trying to decide if it was for me. 

I am still not sure, but since I did not move further from wanting it when faced with blatant examples of negotiations in marriage and the responsibility of caring from children I consider it a success. 

I have many other thoughts in need of a tuneup: my attitude toward workplace drama issues, money and saving money, or deciding what creative or business endeavor to pursue.

Friendships/Relationships sometimes need to be cleaned up. Perhaps it is reacting differently to someone, or maybe it’s not reacting when you would have reacted before. Sometimes it’s about deciding if it’s healthy to maintain the relationship and other times we have to trust our judgement and persevere through the difficulties even when it seems hopeless because as humans we are always growing and developing. 

I am learning how to decide things. The key is to not always to “try” to figure everything out. Do what you can to be informed and trust the right answer to reveal itself. Of course that is not easy to do. It’s hard to sit in a rowboat and float along the river without paddling, without trying to reach the next destination, instead of enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents along the way.


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