Taffeta and Chiffon

I thought these were 19th century fabrics from Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie but they still exist in the mystical kingdom of bridal boutiques.  In this land the bride is the Queen and you try your best to make her happy. 

The bride, matron of honor, and I visited White Arbor Bridal near Ann Arbor, Michigan. The owners of the store helped us choose a dozen or so dresses in various sizes and colors to experiment. My bride had a penchant for taffeta. The shiny, material encapsulated formal attire for her. For the matron of honor and me, not so much. I/We may have been biased since most dresses could only be zipped halfway but we tried them on to get an “idea” of what would be good bridesmaid dresses for the bridal party.

Fortunately for me, my bride is most benevolent and said by the looks on our faces (and I seriously think it might have been me more than her sister) she was willing to negotiate. Chiffon had some shimmer to it and if it had jewels she found it pleasing to the eye. I am pretty sure I floated out of the dressing room on a euphoric cloud in all of the chiffon dresses I tried on. I felt like Tinkerbell in the short dresses (some could be ordered floor length) and elegant in the longer dresses. 

We also learned that a bride could order a white or ivory bridesmaid dress to wear as a wedding dress. This saves money. I really like this idea because I’m not fond of big fancy wedding dresses anyway.

The final decree — we are allowed to choose whatever dress we like (with the Queen’s approval of course) as long as we get the same color Chiffon dress by the same designer. The bridal party raised their hands to cheer for the Queen. 


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