Having just returned from visiting family in a wintery state, here is a list of things I am thankful for since I live in a place that doesn’t get very cold.

-Warm water flowing from the faucet (I had to wait awhile for the water to get warm and a lot of the time I was impatient and just used the freezing water)
-Not having to bundle up in winter attire to go outside (although I did like wearing my boots everywhere)
-Not having to scrape ice off my car windows in the morning
-Not having to look for deer who could possibly leap into the road as we’re driving

There were a lot of nice things such as heated car seats, experiencing a different season, sipping wine in front of a fireplace, but most of all visiting with family and old friends.


One thought on “Winter

  1. Nice thoughts! I read this as the snow comes down here.Thanks for checking out thesoundoflaughter.

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