Lent – Week 2 Recap

My Lenten sacrifice is never far from my mind. I’ve been keeping up with cleaning. I gave my dog a bath and trimmed his nails. He doesn’t like baths but he always seems happier afterward. Being clean must feel better. 

He hates having his nails trimmed but he handles it better if I do it than if I take him to the vet. I discovered if I tie him to a tree and stand over him as if riding a horse, he handles it way better than if I sit beside him. It’s also important that even though he hates this, he will still trust me to trim his nails.

The blog is also a part of my Lenten sacrifice. Most of the posts take a lot longer than twelve minutes to write. But telling myself twelve minutes is the least I have to do is enough to get started. It is cathartic for me to reflct on the day and to try to capture something meaningful to blog about. It’s like setting a precious gem in a ring to display to the world. 


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