Bedtime Stories

Tonight I read bedtime stories to my four-year old niece from her children’s bible. In the midst of craziness with the rest of the family conversing around us, she paid attention and asked me questions about the characters in the pictures and about what I read. My niece knew bible stories. She reminded me of myself when I was younger. My mom read (and still does) the bible every night and I read my own children’s bible while she read hers.

Children’s bibles are great because they put the stories in perspective since there is a clear cut beginning and ending for a theme. Most of the people in the bible are far from perfect, just like us, but we see how God speaks to them either directly or through others. We also learn that God speaks to us in the bible and by revealing things to us through our own desires.

My cousin managed three young children almost effortlessly. I am single and I come and go as I please, I  stay out late with my friends during the weekends. It’s hard to imagine giving that up. But one of the things I’ve looked forward to doing if I have kids is reading to them. I hope there are still bookstores around then because I want to browse the aisles of the children’s area and decide which books out of the huge stack we are actually going to buy. I want to rock with them in a chair and read to them until they fall asleep. And one day I want them to read stories to me.


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