With the exception of two cousins, I haven’t told anyone I know that I started a new blog. I don’t think my cousins have even been on it yet. I had a previous blog about dancing. I felt uncomfortable telling people I know about that one as well, because it’s a little scary having all your thoughts revealed to the world. However, I had a goal to be someone known in the dance world so I was motivated by my ambitions.

This blog is meant to be about whatever I think about during the day that moves me. So that makes it harder. Revealing ourselves to each other is hard even when we have good people around us that we know care. Sometimes we have people we know deep down do care but because of things going on in their own lives they can’t be there for us in the way we want. Or maybe due to personality differences we don’t communicate on the same level or want the same things.

A few years ago I was on vacation with my friend and her family. We started writing poetry and reading it to each other at night. Someone gave my friend some criticism that made her not want to share her poetry anymore.

My point is sometimes our family and friends have different values, or might not be in the same place emotionally. We have to learn what we can reveal and to whom. It can be frustrating when we get burned, but I think we have to recalibrate and find a way of trusting ourselves. And I feel like even when things don’t go the way we want, we need to reflect on the situation because there is a chance that we are unknowingly doing the same thing to someone else we know.


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