Shark Tank

I stopped watching tv a few years ago because all the shows I loved were cancelled abruptly. I missed the time when you at least knew the end was coming and the show made an attempt to wind story lines down and provide at least some happy endings.

Then there was the phase of ridiculous, time wasting reality shows. I have better things to do than watch someone eat roaches or whatever. But now there are shows that help people take their passions and talents and make something of them. I can get on board with that: Cake Boss, the Voice… you know the others.

My friend got me into Shark Tank. It’s a show that gives guests who have a unique business idea a chance to meet with investors, the Sharks, with a business proposition. The entrepreneurs present their idea or product and the Sharks ask questions and each Shark decides if they want to invest. Sometimes the Sharks give a stipulation such as less money and a higher percentage ownership in the company. The entrepreneurs can accept, deny, or make a counter offer.

The entrepreneurs have only a few minutes to evaluate the Sharks’ offers and decide if it’s worth the risk taking the offer. In many cases they already have a successful business and are trying to expand, so they really have to trust their gut.

The Sharks also give the entrepreneurs advice, usually they disagree among themselves about what is best for the entrepreneurs. So you realize no one has the exact prescription for success. And except for a few entrepreneurs that get upset and cry on TV, they’re not any worse off. Plus, they get exposure being on the show.

What I like most is seeing the entrepreneurs’ creativity and hearing the Sharks advice. I’m not very familiar with business and investing so I learn something. Sometimes the show follows up on guests from a previous season and you find out the successes of those who didn’t have/take the sharks offer and how they found great success in other ways.

I have varied interests and since I was little I was always trying to come up with inventions or a way of taking a hobby and finding a way to make money with it. Hopefully one day I will have a creative business idea.


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