Lent- Week One Recap

We’ve experienced one week of Lent. I think I’m doing well. On Monday I cleaned my car. Took it to the drive through car wash, threw out the garbage inside and vacuumed it. Not well though, because some debris clogged the vacuum hose (I know, I’m a bad citizen).

I have not recreated the pile o’ junk on the floor. My room could use some tidying and sweeping, but that will be this weekend’s project.

AND as you will see if you scroll down the page, I have blogged every day–even if I have to be up past midnight to write my post.

Do I feel more holy because of these things? Not in the normal sense, but since these are things I normally wouldn’t do in a week and for an entire week, I do sense some divine intervention. It’s something of a reminder or sign, to put my trust in God because he wants to help me.


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