Sorry, Folks, you’re not going to get very many coherent thoughts out of me tonight. I just saw one of my favorite singers in concert. The local radio station Kiss Country hosts “Undercover Concerts”. You can only win tickets to these concerts and they don’t tell you who it is until you get there.

Three hours before the concert my wonderful friends, Bob and Laura, offered me a pair of tickets. When I arrived, Bob handed me the tickets and told me he knew who it was going to be because he saw him eating at the restaurant. When I heard the name I screamed. I am not a screamer, I usually remain cool, but not for Josh Turner!

Josh performed his songs with his Josh Turner voice and the crowd sang along, it was a terrific concert. Afterward my friends and I went to a restaurant to have drinks and hang out for a bit. We talked and laughed and had a nice time together.

All night I kept wondering if I would have screamed if I saw Josh Turner eating at the restaurant. I’m pretty sure I would have…I’m sorry for interrupting your meal, Josh.


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