Score! I cleaned up the mess in my room. I am most proud of tackling the pile behind my closet door that prevented me from opening it all the way. When I got to the bottom of the pile, I found a bag of clothes and purses that I planned to donate. The next layer consisted of clothes worn briefly that I figured I could wear again before washing so they lingered in purgatory.  Books and other random things made up the topping.

I found a place for everything and I will not to let anything pile up again. Piles are my thing, I will drop things in pile instead of putting them where they should go.

So this is Lent, my sacrifice to be neater is intended this to bring me closer to God, let’s see what I can come up with.

  1. It’s not very honorable to live in pigsty. In some cases, I think this can’t be helped. If you have young children, of course they are going to make a mess, and that is ok, but I have no young kids, so I have no excuse. We confess to clean our souls, if our souls should be clean, our spaces should be clean.
  2. If I were to become someone who put things in their place to begin with, I could get to the next level, instead of being like a person stuck at the same video game level. I have no idea what the next level is, but this is an intriguing idea.
  3. Imagine if the angel Gabriel came to announce to Mary that she was going to be the mother of the savior and her place had piles of junk and tufts of dog hair flying all over?
  4. Maybe praying in a neat clean space somehow improves the experience. I can have piles of prayers instead of piles of things.

I am going to have to tackle my car soon, both inside and out. Pray for me!


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