Somewhere between Wednesday and Thursday I decided gardening is not going to work out as my Lenten sacrifice. I don’t know where to start and I don’t trust it to come together. In past attempts of developing a green thumb I’ve bought pots, soil, tools and plants, and it just didn’t gel. There are plenty of other things in my life that already deserve my attention without seeking out a distraction, even if it is for a holy intention.

So my sacrifice is to blog everyday of Lent. I feel like I should be using my talents and with this as my goal for Lent I will truly stick to it. I recently read an insightful blog by a writer who said he writes because Anne Frank can’t. Her life was cut short and she couldn’t even finish her first book. When it’s put that way, how can I not write either.

My other idea is to be neater and something already happened today to encourage this. After years and years of waiting and hoping for a new desk at work, I finally got one. My my last desk wasn’t quite what I needed and my office never looked great with it. I reorganized my office and it looked so nice I was reluctant to leave today even though it was Friday. Rearranging led me to cleaning out my drawers and bookshelf. Which led me to me to finally bringing home the pile of catalogs I have been hoarding (for a few years) to recycle. I am off to a good start.

From my observations of organized people I see that they complete an entire task NOW while disorganized people tend to try to do the important parts to get MORE done in general but then they have to go back and pick up the pieces later. So for Lent I will working on trying to use my talents now and dying to my old inefficient ways to be a better person. God gave me my talents, to use them better will bring him honor.


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