It’s much different sitting on the side of the desk where you are selecting someone instead of hoping to get picked for a job. I’ve been on interviews and thought, “I am an intelligent competent person, I would be a good employee”. When I didn’t get the job I wondered why. Now I see depending on what you are applying for, your skills might not matter as much as other factors.

How do you treat others? We spend most of our waking hours with our coworkers. The candidates that impress us are the ones that say hello to workers and customers who are in the room as well. My first job was in a store and we were supposed to greet everyone we saw. It bothers me now that sales people rarely do this.

What would it be like to work with you? Sometimes a candidate seems like a great person but it’s something unfortunate that causes you to disqualify the person. I once interviewed a pleasant and interesting girl but she spoke loudly. I wish I could have said, please don’t be so loud, it’s why we don’t think we can sit beside you all day.

So when you’re out on an interview, be the kind of person we would like to spend our day with. And keep in mind you may be perfectly fine, but we are also thinking of the rest of our members and maybe we’re not so sure you want to be with us all day. Remember, it’s your interview too.


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